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Rotors and Stators

SPARX Electrical

650 Central-SPARX Permanent Magnet Alternator w/ Solid State Regulator/Rectifier

Installation instructions

Three Phase 210 Watt Alternator Kit   

At last, a viable permanent magnet alternator for ALL XSs, 1970-84, to replace the troublesome stock excited field units.

There are two units available, a single phase unit and three phase, both with solid state regulator/rectifier.       

Single phase provides 160w of power at 3000 RPM and is recommended for off- road use with a capacitor in place of the battery.

Three phase provides 220w of power at 3000 RPM and is useful when extra accessories are installed. Three phase requires a battery in circuit to operate properly.

***Proven reliability, 1000's in service worldwide

***Reduces crankshaft rotating mass for faster acceleration and quicker turn-in

***Points can be run without a battery (Single phase only- capacitor needed-see below)

***Simplified wiring

***Eliminates troublesome brushes, with long life

***Easy installation and full instructions

***A noticeable performance increase in both acceleration and handling, unlike large external flywheels that add mass in the worst possible place.

  "I am very impressed with the Sparx alternator and rectifier-regulator I ordered from 650 Central. It was easy to install, fewer wires to supply the voltage to the system than the original equipment, and a whopping 14.7 volts to the battery! The old alternator weighed twice what the Sparx weighs, and I also got rid of the original voltage regulator, diode, and safety relays, which also reduced weight. I also want to thank you for your FAST service. I had the package in 3 days from the date of my order.  I highly recommend the Sparx system to anyone, as well as your fast service and tech knowledge."

  Dan Fruth

The parts to adapt the SPARX system to the XS650 are

650 Central-SPARX units come with timing marks: TDC, 15, & 40

1980-84 XSs with TCI must use a Boyer or other aftermarket ignitions as there is no provision for the trigger mechanism.

Initial battery servicing is critical!

    160watt, single phase.#HJRC17-1310 ..... $510.00  

   220watt, three phase.#HJRC17-1300 ...... $510.00  

Capacitor for single phase. #HJRC54-7009..... $18.00



Recommended Connector to Reg/Rec

3 pin connector. #HMXS12-0633..... $4.95


Minimalist Battery

                                 This compact 12 volt battery is 3.8" long, 2.5" wide and .95" thick. It weighs just 12 oz. and has proven adequate in all but the very heaviest traffic. It is sealed and non-spillable - no worries from acid overflow. Kick start only.

.8Ah battery   #HCEN50-1208..... $20.00


Stock Charging System Rotors
rebuiltrotorsimage.JPG (8006 bytes)  

We offer a quality rotor rebuild service . Rotors listed are sold
on an exchange basis. A Core charge of $50.00 is applied until we
receive a
Rebuildable Unit from you. 1 year warrantee

1974-1979 (with factory points style ignition)

#HCEN40-401 ..... $175.00 + core

1980-1984 (with factory electronic ignition)

#HCEN40-402 ..... $175.00 + core

Beware Chinese Junk!

"I think I found the answer to my engine miss with the directionals on. The info on this link is the probable answer."


"Pulled the rotor off and in my worst days as a machinist I could have done a better job. The machine work was poor at best. The taper hole for the crank shaft could have been done better with a file. It has what is referred to as a "M" finish. In other words you just hog it off to make room. One half of the rotor was larger than the other so it rubbed on the stator. Stator still is OK however. Moral of the story may be to stay away from Made in China".  Rick


FREE Rotor Puller for your XS650
We will loan you a rotor puller when your rotor is shipped to you.
Why damage a rotor core? Why buy a tool you will only use once?
Use one of ours and make the job easier for yourself!
Order it below. A $25.00 refundable deposit is charged to your order.
Return the puller to us with your core and we will credit your charge card.

#TROTORLOAN.... $25.00


Rotor Puller for your XS650

#TKKK26-0040.....   $17.95



                rebuiltstatorimage.JPG (19907 bytes)  
We offer a stator rebuild service. Stators listed are sold
on an exchange basis. A Core charge of $50.00 is applied until we
receive a
Rebuildable Unit from you. 1 year warrantee

1974-1979 points ignition type stator

#HCEN20-416 ..... $225.00 +core


1980-1984 electronic ignition type stator

#HCEN20-496 ..... $225.00 +core

Alternator Brushes

OEM replacement type brushes.
Fits '70-79

#HMXS24-2650 ..... $16.75 /pair

Alternator Brushes

OEM replacement type brushes.
Fits '80-84

#HMXS24-2651 ..... $16.75 /pair


Custom Fit Regulator/Rectifier '70-79
A solid state Regulator/Rectifier
for the 1970 thru 1979 XS650 with factory points type ignition.
Replaces both the voltage regulator AND the rectifier unit in
one compact package!
 Comes with connector plugs already installed and
Yamaha-correct color code to original wiring

#HTKR86-4230 ..... $109.00


Custom Fit Regulator/Rectifier 80-83
A direct bolt on and plug in Regulator/Rectifier
for the 1980 thru 1983 XS650 with factory electronic ignition.

#HTKR86-4229..... $109.00



Halogen Headlamps

7" diameter, H4 halogen, 60/55 watt w/replaceable bulb. Fits ALL--'70-73 with "W" clip set.

#HDIX21-2410 ..... $34.00

"W" clip set

#HMXS10-1156..... $3.95

Replacement Halogen Headlamp Bulbs
For Halogen Headlamps.

60/55 watt #HMCS12-5270 ..... $8.95

100/55 watt #HMCS12-5290..... $14.95

100/80 watt #HMCS15-1360 .... $17.95


Replacement Halogen Tail Light Bulbs

Great safety feature!

The15/50 watt H1157 is MUCH brighter than the standard 1157 bulb.

#HMAR22-1157 .... $10.95


Turn Signals for XS

Replaces Front or Rear. Stalk, head, lens and bulb.
Amber lens and threaded stud are included. '73-84

#HMCS56-3238 ..... $28.95 ea.


Turn Signal Lenses
Amber, for TX & XS models, not for XS1 or XS2.

#HMAR36-6300..... $4.00 ea.


Ignition Switch

With fork lock and keys. Fits '78-84

#HKNL21-5209..... $33.00

Key blanks here: http://www.mysecuritypro.com/


Ignition Switch

A clean little panel mount 2 position OFF/ON Ignition switch
with 4 pin plug and 2 keys. For custom installation. 1" hole.


Neutral Light Switch

Fits all 650s, '70-84

#HCEN13-6825..... $18.00


Rear Brake Light Switch

Fits all 650s, '70-84

#HMCS56-3272..... $8.95

Front Brake Light Switch

Fits '77-84.

 #HMXS12-0044..... $7.25

10mm x 1.25......

#HMCS51-0128...... $22.95

Headlight & Horn Switch

Only 13/16" wide, this minimal left hand switch has headlight on, low and high beam and a horn button (or kill switch). A clean look for trackers, bobbers and choppers, or anyone who wants a clean look.  DOT approved. 18"" wires.


 Universal Replacement Switch

Left hand switch has turn signal with center-push canceling, headlight low and high beam (with LED indicator) with on-parking-off, horn button, and kill switch (could be used for starter). 25" wires. DOT approved. This switch has it all!



12 volt, 3 1/4" diameter, chrome plated.

 #HMAR19-8920 ..... $ 13.95