10x Flashlight Magnifier

Required for reading spark plugs. 10X

Perfect for reading jet sizes with Vintage eyes.

Plastic head with chromed steel body. 2 "C" cells required

#TMCS20-1550 ..... $26.95 ea.        


Rotor Puller for your XS650

#TKKK26-0040.....   $17.95 ea.        


  These nylon rims savers are designed to to prevent tire iron damage to your chrome and aluminum rims.  A must for alloys! 2 pair recommended

#TMSC07-050.... $4.99 /pr   

Motion Pro Flat Tire Irons


  These 11.5" flat tire irons are just the thing for alloy rims, but also work well with steel. 3 recommended, with above rim savers.

#TMCS50-0800.... $8.50  ea.   


EMGO Heavy Duty Chain Breaker

Traditional style heavy duty model for use with up to 530 chain.

#MSC86-41649... $19.95  ea.      


Hex Jet Wrench

For Mikuni VM & Keihin carburetors. Makes changing VM main jets a snap!

#TCEN99-2000...  $3.95 ea.   

Open Barrel Crimper Tool

A must have for crimping factory-type open barrel fittings

#TMCS20-7210...  $25.00 ea.