Having problems trying to order or using our Secure Server (SSL)? 

This section was created to help.

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Difficulty ordering.

Signs may include: select "add to cart" and no items are added, difficulty checking out, unable to select shipping options, etc.

There's a possibility that you may have corrupted cache (temporary files used by your browser) and cookie files in your web browser.

Solution: Clear your cache and cookies.

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer, open up Internet Explorer and go to the menu labeled, "Tools". Select, "Internet Options". A Window should come up and it will give you a lot of options. Around the middle of the page, look for a section called, "Temporary Internet Files". Click on "Delete Files...". Another window should come up and put a check mark in the box labeled, "Delete All Offline Content". Then click "OK".

To clear your cache (temporary files used by your browser), follow these steps in Netscape Navigator.

Click on the "Options" menu and choose "Network Preferences". Click on the "Cache" tab.

Click the "Clear Memory Cache Now" button in the middle of this window. In the pop-up confirmation box, click the "OK" button. Do the same thing for the "Clear Disk Cache Now" button. Click the "OK" button and close the Preferences window.


In Windows XP: Go to: Tools, Internet options, Privacy. Now select "Accept all cookies".


This cures 99% or all ordering problems but if it does not, call us at  209-533-4346 with your order.