650 Central Spin-on Oil Filter Adaptor Installation

In the Kit:

(1) spin-on adaptor

(1) gasket

(2) x20x socket head cap screws

(1) Loctite 620

You will need:

#7 or 13/64 & 1/4 drill bits

J-B Weld

Acetone or lacquer thinner (J-B Weld prep)

Installation Remarks

1. Drain oil.

2. Remove side case oil filter cover, gasket, oil screen, and oil screen gasket.

3. Remove footpeg, kick starter lever and tach cable.

4. Remove primary cover.

5. Carefully clean all gasket surfaces, taking care not to damage the aluminum mating surfaces.

6. Test fit the adapter in the in oil (screen) filter recess. Some hand fitting of the raised edge lip

may be necessary to get the adaptor to bottom in the case.

7. Using the two x20 tapped holes as drill guides, drill the case with a #7 or 13/64 drill.

8. Remove adaptor, and drill case to using the pilot holes you have just drilled.

9. Clean out any chips paying particular attention to the oil galleys.

10. Place the gasket in the oil filter recess and bolt the adapter in place with the two x20x

socket head cap screws, using the Loctite 620 supplied.

11. Clean the cover securing recess holes with acetone and a q-tip. Let dry completely.

12. Fill the recesses with J-B Weld, leaving just above the mating surface.

13. Before the J-B weld hardens, (wait approximately 45 minutes) sand the surface smooth and

blend in with the gasket mating surface. You can use the old cover as a sanding form.

14. Reinstall clutch cover, with a new gasket and make sure to replace the four copper washers

on the bottom screws.

15. Install oil filter (and safety wire, if applicable).

16. Reinstall kick start lever, tach cable, and footpeg.

17. Fill with oil.

18. Start and idle engine and check for leaks. Re-check oil level.

19. Enjoy.