Center-stand Technique

For those having problem getting their XS650 onto the center-stand, here is my technique.

(1) Stand on the left side of the bike, squarely facing it and close to the bike as possible.

(2) With your LEFT hand, palm down, grip the left handle bar grip and make sure the front wheel is pointed straight ahead.

(3) With your RIGHT hand, palm up, grip the bike by the frame, below the saddle just behind the rear shock. This is to get you hand as far forward as possible so your hand is close to being directly above where your foot will be on the center-stand when the center-stand first just touches the ground. Having your hand as close as possible to being above your foot when you press with your foot on the stand is important.

(4) Now stand as close to the bike as you can, and with your back straight and your right arm fully extended so your right elbow is completely straight, place your RIGHT foot on the protrusion of the center-stand. Your LEFT foot must be pointing right ahead of you under the bike, and your bent RIGHT knee and the toes of your RIGHT foot turned towards, and pointing to, the rear of the bike. Just as if you are about to slide off to the right into the Boot Scoop Boogie. Make sure the front of your boot heel is firmly against the protrusion of the center-stand, and that the tip of the center-stand protrusion is right in the centerline of your sole of your boot; in the arch of your foot. You need to stand right on the tip of the protrusion, do not get the width of your entire foot onto the protrusion.

(5) With your RIGHT foot push down on the center-stand till it just touches the ground.

(6) Tip the bike, usually away from you, until both feet of the center-stand are touching the ground.

(7) Now stand with your full weight on your RIGHT foot on the center-stand protrusion (lift your LEFT foot right off the ground) while pulling up with your RIGHT hand. With your back as straight as possible, and your right arm fully extended, you are pulling up with your right hand while pushing down with your right foot which is as directly below your right hand as possible. The trick is to start off with your right arm fully extended, so that you are trying to lift the bike against the protrusion on the center-stand only by straightening your leg, and thus using your substantial leg muscles, not your puny little arm muscles.

8) The bike will come up easily and rock back onto the center-stand by itself. Do not help it rock back, it will do this on its own. All you use your LEFT hand for is to guide the steering so the handle bars stay straight as the bike rocks back onto the center-stand. At no time do you try to move the bike back, all you ever do is pull up on the frame with a fully extended right arm while pressing down on the tip of the protrusion with your right foot.

It is all the technique; it is not difficult and does not require strength. You will amaze your friends and neighbors, and delight your children, in how easily and casually you can do it.