1 3/4" "P" Clamps 
1" wide, 1/8" thick chrome clamps with a 6 1/2" strap. For mounting MXS07-0758 without mufflers.

  #LVTW31-2101..... $23.95 pr .  







Exhaust Port Optimizers


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Having been so fortunate as to have learned from the Anti-Reversion Master himself, Jim Fueling, I have been working with this concept over 30 years, so it's not surprising I am able to offer a superior product. 

 Now an improved CNC version, including stock pipe replacement rings, with enhanced exhaust port flow, less heat radiation into the head, less reversion. Billet assembly, suitable for 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" head pipes. Bolt in.

"My clutch never slipped before!" -- UD

#LCEN90-080015 ..... $90.00/pr 


Torque Peak Optimizers
The Theoretical  Torque Peak (TPP) will determine the operating range of your motor. Typically with stock pipes, this is at 1000 RPM below redline, sort of a built in rev limiter. On road racers, it is at or slightly above redline, so the motor will pull to redline. On flat trackers, it is 1000 RPM or more above redline, to give over-rev capability, and soften power delivery off the turn. On a 650, 1 3/4" head pipes give a TPP of 11,000 RPM-- Useless. Even on a 750, it is over 9500- useless unless racing. There is no free lunch-- you can only shift this powerband.  Mid-range is what gets it done on the street. You can have your large OD pipes and still optimize the TPP for your displacement and RPM range. Each set custom designed and built for your application.
These inserts must be welded in the head pipes just before the mufflers or may be butt-welded to effectively
extend the head pipes for a complimentary Theoretical Horsepower Peak

Custom made for your displacement and RPM

 #LCEN90-080041 ..... $40.00/pr


Exhaust Port Optimizers + Torque Peak Optimizers

..."I have a stock 1978 XS 650 Street Tracker with a full Omar's kit conversion. I could not believe the difference. My hesitation/sputtering is gone, my biked picked up (by the seat of my pants) 10-15 more hp. Your mods are a MUST with anyone with a 1 3/4" pipe conversion of any kind".  -- Gary Renna, NJ

I bought your TPOs and EPOs after having much trouble getting my bike to run right. I have a street tracker that has a stock motor and ignition setup with Omar's Mile pipes. Well for the life of me I could not get it to carburate or run properly. Twenty kicks or more to start it, hesitation, sputtering at different throttle openings, and generally running like... lets just say not good. Someone mentioned your product, and personally I thought he was nuts and that this was going to be some kind of "snake oil" product.  Well, I am here to tell you that my bike flat HAULS @$$, this thing runs like a scalded dog and begs for more! I cannot believe the difference your product made. My bike starts first kick, idles cleanly, and has power everywhere! I am truly a convert and I WILL be using your products again on my next build.   I would also like to thank you for your time and assistance on the phone with all my questions and helping me out, it was truly a great help. In closing, if you have anyone that may be skeptical, get their number and I will give them a call and tell them of how pleased I am with your products and service. ---  Dave Morgan 


The weather here in Ohio finally cooperated and I was able to get in an extended ride on the 650 yesterday, the first since I installed your EPO's and TPO's (along with your jetting recommendation).  All I can say is WOW!!  You are some kind of XS650 motor genius!  The bike runs so much better now, with less vibration and it even sounds better than before.  With your mods it pulls smoothly throughout the rev range and feels as though the torque output has almost doubled.  I was even able to pull the front wheel off the ground just by cranking the throttle open quickly!  It's never done that before.  Finally after several years of fiddling around with jetting and the like, my 650 runs the way it should. 
So thanks for all of your help, I am definitely one satisfied customer and if anyone wants some feedback on your EPO's and TPO's, send them my way.  I'll be glad to share my experience with them.--- Randy Derr

Although most effective on 1 3/4" head pipes, ALL EPO & TPO  parts have  an                         



Power Cones
Using the principles of anti reversion, these limit the backflow from the exhaust
into the intake port during overlap. Flow bench testing has shown as much as a 53%
difference between outflow and backflow. Most effective with tight lobe center cams.
Improves low end and mid-range carburetion, especially with large head pipes.

For 1 3/4" head pipes only, best on 750s, stainless.   Bolt or weld in.

#LMCS31-7230 ..... $40.00/pr 



Stainless Steel "T" Bolt Clamps 
Superior muffler clamping

1.56"-1.70" #LTKR08-1643........ $10.95 ea. 

1.63"-1.81" #LTKR08-1644........ $10.95 ea. 

1.75"-1.93" #LTKR08-1645........ $10.95 ea. 

2.5" #LVLE09-42500.... $11.95 ea. 


Kreem Blue Shield

Specially formulated to help protect your new Head Pipes from
the combustion chamber heat that will cause them to turn blue.
This 16oz bottle is enough to protect one set of Head Pipes.

#EDIX38-0450 ..... $47.95/bottle    

Exhaust Gaskets
Sold each, Order 2.
Fits all years

 #LSUD50-3205..... $2.70 each   

Muffler Packing

FMF High performance heavy duty fiberglass muffler packing. Long filament fiberglass is made
especially for 4 stroke mufflers.
More than enough to repack virtually any muffler

#LMCS90-93323 ..... $14.95/pack