Chopper and Bobber frames

Jon Ard is the heart and soul of ArdCore Choppers.  A certified Aerospace welder  (which requires exacting skills) and licensed frame manufacturer,  Jon has worked on, built and raced just about everything on wheels. His frame fabrication work began in the 1970’s, working in The Chopper Emporium.



Today, Jon heads a team of skilled specialists capable of design and fabrication of parts and frames for any bike engine, in any style. All frames are accompanied by a Manufacturers Certificated of Origin





Custom TIG welded Frame  32 Degree rake, 2” Upstretch, 4” Rear Stretch (Includes Manufacturers Certificate of Origin). Comes as a bare frame and motor plates. No tabs for seat, tank fenders, etc.


No Cost Options:

XS neck for stock forks

H-D neck for '84-99 FXST forks or aftermarket



2.3 gallon Sporty tank, mounted                                                 $145.00

3.2 gallon King Sporty tank, mounted                                        $175.00

Solo seat, mounted                                                                         $120.00

5" flat fender w/ brace, mounted                                                 $125.00

Jackshaft for up to 300 rear tire                                                   $225.00


Frame: $900

Shipping: $125



Panhead style Yamaha XS kick starter  $85.00  exchange

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